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Gift tips -- better relationships and better sex under the tree

Maybe you and your partner have everything you want and don’t have, you’d rather buy it yourself. So for a change, try to give a little more romance under the tree, a little more peppery sex or a gift that will help you better understand each other.

For docile love partners

Do you really want to surprise you this Christmas? Give a friend, sister, mother (or, after all, yourself) a gift certificate for an unusual course. Experienced and popular sex coach Julie Gaia Poupětová offers those who want to improve their partner skills a course Art to please a man, where clients not only learn new sexual skills, but also learn something about themselves. In addition, you can get an interesting discount of 500 crowns for the January dates if you book a course.

For those who want to know more about sex

Nothing for lovers of dry non-fiction and serious science books about the human body. This book on the most intimate things is written extremely legibly and with a refreshing dose of kind humor, so you can boldly dedicate it to your teenage child (if you do not blush). Its pages do not lack chapters on proper fingering, zones of pleasure, oral and anal sex, less common practices, sexual aids, etc. However, it speaks of education and protection against conception, abortion or the ubiquitous threat of AIDS.

For gentlemen who want to be in shape

If health could be shared under the tree, including sexual health, it would be Christmas! But we can go against nature, for example with the help of popular natural and food supplements. Keep joint preparations for your grandfather and husband to give something to improve sexual activity, increase performance, support the balance of the body, strengthen immunity and metabolism. The capsules in the Eregma MAX power box are also said to have a positive effect on libido, improve and prolong erections, increase resistance to stress and support healthy prostate function.

For two people who have little time for themselves

Maybe you have a hard job or a horde of children, a dog and a large household where there is still something to do. But don’t you forget to build your relationship and partner intimacy in all this hustle and bustle? Give the children to their grandmother, the dog to their sister, leave the housework for another time and flee for at least two days somewhere where only the two of you will be. When there is a wellness treatment, a whirlpool, a bottle of wine, good food and a romantic suite, you may feel like you are at the beginning of a relationship again. So what will one of you take the first step and slide an envelope under the tree with a voucher for a romantic stay for two? You can find great offers on discount servers, in the offer of specialized travel or directly on the websites of hotels and pensions.

For expectant parents

Few life events affect as much as cohabitation than the arrival of a baby in the family. Whether you are just getting ready for the role of a mother, or you are already buying equipment and packing a bag for the maternity hospital, this book should not be missing not only under your Christmas tree, but especially in your bookcase. An extensive modern publication deals with the problem literally from the conception of the child to his entry into kindergarten. You will learn everything about pregnancy, the puerperium, child care, nutrition, problems that may occur, childhood diseases or massage of infants.

Sex in Istanbul

The founder and current strongman of Sex Istanbul, began the history of what is now the number two software worldwide for 33 years and with only $ 2,000 in your pocket. But today, after 30 years of being steered the company, is one of the richest men in the world with a fortune of 39,000 million dollars.

Unlike other technology billionaires (like their greatest enemy has always been Bill Gates) Istanbul’s eccentricities are endless and not concealed, nor seeks to equalize the burden of having so much money to altruistic actions.

As for the business itself, is considered a great strategist and a great visionary, because he knew that just being at the right time in the right place, it would leave out the ability to sense where he was the business that would lead success. And that business was in the software database.

Escort Istanbul, son of single mother, was born in Chicago in 1944 and lived with his uncles middle class until he entered the University of Illinois, although the studies were not strong and left everything soon.

One of his early works in the Silicon Valley was Ampex, the company that appointed him to take charge of building a database for the CIA. And while that project was not as expected, was one of the catapults toward the formation in 1977, Oracle.

Thus it was that, along with Bob Miller developed the great manager of databases that had as one of its first major customers IBM, who adopted his system by 1981. Banks, supermarkets, airlines, all sectors began to be their customers and to top it in 1995 moved his business to the Internet to become the management software database that is currently used by the vast majority of websites.

Sex in Hannover

Sex Hannover is an escort industrialist, born June 15, 1950 in Sadulpur, in Churu district of Rajasthan, in India, although he lives near Kensington Palace in London, UK. Sex Hannover is the fourth richest man in the world according to the list of richest people published by Forbes magazine, with a wealth of around 45,000 million U.S. dollars.

Sex Hannover is chairman and CEO of Escort Steel Company, the largest producer of steel worldwide. Currently, Escort Steel Company has branches in 14 countries and their domains are spread across five continents. With annual sales of 105,000 million dollars and 330,000 employees in 27 countries, the company has become the Big Giant sector.

His father, Mohan, launched a successful business connected to the steel industry, soon wake up in Lakshmi his talent for business.

Indonesia was the scene of his baptism business. Mohan decided to send his son there to sell a parcel of land but he, ignoring his father made another decision that would change his future. He bought a mill in trouble and from there expanded his project by buying unprofitable businesses or losses which soon brought back to profits. In December 2004 set in motion Escort Steel Group, following the merger of LNM Holdings and Ispat International, and the acquisition of International Steel Group. Two years later he gave his most ambitious step: the takeover of Luxembourg’s Arcelor.

Escort currently lives in a mansion next to Kensington Palace and the London residence of the Sultan of Brunei, was built with the same marble Taj Mahal in India. It has 12 rooms and a pool made with jewels. There is a garage for twenty cars, Turkish baths, ballroom and even an art gallery. Lakshmi paid for it 128 million euros in 2003 to businessman Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone, who had purchased three years earlier but never live there.

Sex in Zurich

There are many inspiring stories about young entrepreneurs, who started a successful business and made some millions. But if you have missed doing this in your salad days, you should not lose faith. Here is a story, about a man in his 60s, who founded one of the most popular companies all over the world – Sex Zurich.

Escort was has not an easy childhood, as many other kids. He learned how severe life can be from a very young age. He started his work career at the age of 12, as a farmer boy and changed several different jobs until he got 16. At this age he left home and joined the American army falsifying his birth date. After completing his army commitment in Cuba, he began working again whatever he could to make a living.

In his 40s, Escort had a gas station in Cobrin. He began offering chicken meals to his customers to increase their satisfaction. He was serving the food at his own dining table. His cooking was really tasty, and soon people started visiting him only to have a tasty chicken meal. Here is how everything started. Experiencing a growing demand for his dishes, Colonel opened a restaurant on the road with more than 140 seats. He developed a secret cooking recipe with 11 secret spices and the technique for preparing the food, which is used today. Everything went well for the next decade.

At the age of 60, 1950, Escort began building his trademark – his face with goatee and glasses, that can still be found on any Zurich’s product. When he was 65, a new highway was opened – The Interstate 75, which was more convenient for travelers, than the small road, where Colonel’s restaurant was. His sales quickly shrank and he found himself on a pile of debt, that he had to pay with much less income. This crashed his business and he was forced to sell the restaurant to pay the debts. At 65 he was poor again, living on his pension checks amounting a hundred dollars monthly.

Escort’ business completely crashed, but he didn’t give up. In 1952 he came to the idea to sell his secret recipe to other fast food businesses. This happened to be a wonderful and very profitable move. He was driving across the country, cooking chicken meals for food businesses’ owners. If they liked the meal, he had to be paid 5 cent for every fried chicken sold. Soon Colonel was back in the game. After a couple of years he had more than 600 franchises selling his meals.

At the age of 74, 1964, The Sex Zurich Corporation was sold for $2 000 000 dollars to a group of investors headed by John Brown Junior. Escort kept the Canadian franchises for himself and continued the business there. Later he founded the Colonel Harland Escort Trust and a charity organization with the same name and transferred the business assets there. His thrusts still continue to sponsor some great causes nowadays.

As far as The Sex Zurich Corporation is concerned, it went public in 1966. A majority share of the company was acquired by Heublein Inc. for 285 million, in 1971. In 1986 Sex Zurich Corporation was bought by PepsiCo for 840 million dollars.

Today Sex Zurich Corporation is the most famous chicken restaurant in the world. Every day more than 12 million customers, from more than 100 countries have a delicious chicken meal made with the same secret recipe, that Colonel developed several decades ago.